When attending the practice:

  • Please wear a face covering.  This is mandatory under Welsh government guidelines and applies to anyone over the age of 11 unless there is a medical exemption. You can find instructions for making your own face covering here.

  • Please attend your appointment on your own if possible.

  • Please use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the surgery.

  • Please observe 2m social distancing.

Repeat Dispensing

What is repeat dispensing?

It’s a new way that patients taking regular medicines can get them without asking their doctor for a prescription each time.

How does Repeat Dispensing work?

Your doctor will give you an “authorising” repeat prescription form with a number of repeat dispensing issue forms.  The authorising form will be marked A and will be signed by your doctor.  This form will authorise a number of repeat dispensing issues and may specify the intervals at which those repeats are to be dispensed.  The repeat dispensing forms will be marked RD, will not be signed, but will indicate that they are one of a number of issues associated with the authorised repeat prescription form.

Do I have to agree to a Repeat Dispensing service?

No.  Although your GP has identified that you may safely receive an agreed number of repeat instalments from your pharmacist without having to order forms from the surgery each time, you don’t have to agree to this.

Will the same Pharmacy have to dispense all the forms?

Yes.  You should consider whether repeat dispensing is the right thing for you e.g. if you work away from home and don’t always use the same pharmacy, then repeat dispensing in its present form would not be suitable for you.  You will need to decide which pharmacy is most convenient for you, as the chosen pharmacy must dispense all the repeat dispensing issues once you’ve handed in the repeat authorisation prescription form and first repeat dispensing issue form.   Please direct enquiries regarding repeat prescriptions to the pharmacy rather than the prescriptions desk.

What do I do with the rest of the forms?

You may choose to keep the remaining repeat disposing issue forms and present each in turn for future supplies or you may ask your pharmacist to look after them for you and request repeat dispensing issues as you need them.

If you lose any of the forms you will have to go back to your doctor.

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